8 Time-Consuming Business Tasks and How To Automate Them Using Bots 2023

8 Proven Ways to Improve chatbot for Sales using Automation There are only a limited number of copies available for purchase at retail. And once sold out, bots often resell for thousands of dollars. Moonship’s AI-powered discounts use machine learning to understand user behavior and trigger an offer at the right place and the right […]

Handmade Bots, Coinlings and other little things

Hype Sales and Bad Bots Are Trending: Is Your Brand Ready? To prevent customers losing out, the retailer introduced a priority pass that meant shoppers had to register in advance before they could buy one. And the firm is active on social media, with 31,200 Twitter followers and 29,600 on Instagram. The top three bots […]

How AI is going to influence the travel industry in 2019 and beyond

What do chatbots do for Travel, Ecommerce, Retail, Publishing and More For a start, Cubby will be supporting Ascott’s live chat agents, so that the agents can focus on responding to more complex inquiries which require deeper and more thorough engagement with guests. From booking & sales to operation management, provide the perfect assistance for […]

The use of semantic analysis in the development of information systems

Spiral: The application of explicit semantic analysis in translation memory systems Relationship extraction is the task of detecting the semantic relationships present in a text. Relationships usually involve two or more entities which can be names of people, places, company names, etc. These entities are connected through a semantic category such as works at, lives […]