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Content Level 4: Service Provider What are Sober Living Homes? How One’s Living Environment Impacts Substance Use and Recovery What are halfway house rules? Primary Outcomes How Do You Find a Sober-Living Home? You can also look into Oxford Houses, which provide all recovering users the opportunity to develop comfortable sobriety without relapse. Due to […]

How to Handle and Prevent PTSD Blackouts

In a flashback, you may feel or act as though a traumatic event is happening again. The right temporo-parietal junction (TPJ) is a further brain area in which neuroimaging studies have shown altered activity and functional connectivity in PNES 28 and other motor FND populations 29. A characteristic feature of CD/FND is the impairment of […]

PTSD Treatment & Trauma Recovery Rogers Behavioral Health

Our treatment team also incorporates efforts to translate skills learned as part of therapy into social, personal, and professional scenarios through therapist-supported community exposure as you are ready. Led by board-certified psychiatrists, our multidisciplinary team at Rogers offers specialized, intensive, evidence-based trauma recovery care. At Rogers, patients learn to develop successful coping strategies to address […]

How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your System?

Content clean the amount of alcohol from your body in 24 hours? Reach out for support Support Drug and Alcohol Treatment Not only do you get the refreshing mint, but someone who gets up close and personal will have a harder time noticing the alcohol alone when it’s mixed with the alcohol-based mouthwash. If your […]