It also serves as an assurance to clients, offering a robust Compensation Fund covering up to €20,000 per trade claim, acting as a financial cushion and reinforcing client trust. Copy Trading Service demystifies the trading realm for investors, allowing seamless access to a plethora of strategies within the platform. It enables you to mirror trades from seasoned traders and share in the profit percentage, irrespective of your trading acumen or professional knowledge. This service stands as a testament to the innovative blending of simplicity and functionality. is for informational purposes only and not intended for distribution or use by any person where it would be contrary to local law or regulation.

There is a decent amount of trading instruments with flexible trading platforms, trading apps and account types for different levels of traders. They also offer a selection of useful trading tools and educational materials to assist traders with making informed trading decisions. There are copy trading solutions for those who may not have the time to trade by themselves. Despite the many positives, I think they are let down by a lack of top-tier regulation. If this matters to you, please feel free to search for an alternative in our broker ratings.

Mission and Global Outreach

Unfortunately, we do not provide services to citizens and residents of this country. MetaTrader 5 stands as a revamped, cutting-edge multi-asset platform designed to provide an enhanced trading experience. This state-of-the-art platform harbors a myriad of features that are instrumental for both novice and experienced traders. We invite you to experience the distinctive LimeFx advantage and to navigate the financial markets with a partner who understands your needs and aspirations, and who is dedicated to helping you realize your trading goals. LimeFx prides itself on being a reputable member of The Financial Commission, a revered independent entity in the financial services sector. This affiliation accentuates LimeFx’ commitment to maintaining transparency, integrity, and ethical conduct in its operations.

It must be noted that this does not give the same protection to clients as regulation by another top-tier regulatory authority such as the FCA, CySEC or ASIC would. However, it does mean that the broker is able to provide certain products and services that they may not be able to if they were using another regulator. It is important that you understand the risks of using a broker with different regulations. As an alternative option, AvaTrade are regulated in multiple jurisdictions by some top-tier regulators. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs, FX or any of our other products work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Artrix is an emerging international cannabis vaporizer hardware brand that offers more than just cannabis vape devices. It uses an exclusive three-in-one service model that combines superior product solutions, systematic marketing support, and professional strategic consulting to create a great customer experience. Artrix conducts extensive market research and analysis to understand the needs behind each product and provides localized marketing support to maximize its market potential and success. Some payment systems may have transaction limits, restrictions, and requirements which are indicated on their respective websites.

They can run remotely and you can connect to the VPS at any time to check the platform. A VPS is often useful for traders who need to run automated trading strategies around the clock or who need a reliable connection to the trade server. Clients who qualify can apply for a VPS service in their LimeFx personal area under the “Services” section. I actually have my own VPS and find it to be a great tool for simultaneously running multiple instances of the MetaTrader platforms. This enables me to effectively test my automated systems on different brokers to compare trading conditions and performance.


LimeFx execution quality is confirmed by Verify My Trade (VMT) and must comply with the execution standards set. The trading history is analysed by VMT on a monthly basis and every client can get access to the audit data by checking the Verify My Trade Execution Certification. This broker is also an approved member of the Financial Commission which settles disputes between financial market participants, and provides protection for each eligible client with the Commission’s compensation fund. However, with LimeFx, traders that have chosen the demo account bonus will be able to transfer any profits which have been made on their demo account to their live trading account. LimeFx’ dynamic promotional landscape empowers clients to amplify their trading profitability.

A noteworthy feature of LimeFx is its provision allowing clients to accrue real profits while trading on a demo account. This distinctive approach not only educates clients but also enables the transition of profits to live accounts upon successful trading, merging learning with earning. LimeFx stands as a pinnacle of brokerage excellence, harmonizing impeccable service, innovation, and client empowerment. Its diverse trading portfolio, coupled with cutting-edge technologies and client-centric approaches, accentuates its global appeal. The intricate blend of regulatory adherence, promotional benefits, and educational opportunities further cements its status as a broker of choice for traders seeking reliability, diversity, and growth. LimeFx does not provide services to citizens and residents in lots of countries which you can find listed on the brokers website.


To sustain this certification, LimeFx is obligated to present 5,000 trades every month for comparative analysis against esteemed first-tier liquidity providers, ensuring the continuity of best practices in trading executions. The extensive audit report is readily accessible in the public domain, symbolizing transparency and commitment to accountability. This is a copy trading account option for those of you who want to copy signals from the strategies of other traders.

As one of the world’s top trading tools, Autochartist uses its advanced recognition engine to sift through huge amounts of data, identifying chart patterns and key price levels across a wide range of Forex and CFD instruments. The MetaTrader platforms are already fully loaded with more tools than most of you will ever need. There are plenty of built-in technical indicators and drawing tools for creating complex trading strategy templates. That is not to mention the fact that you can get loads more from the MQL marketplace and even build your own in the MetaEditor interface. That being said, it is great to see LimeFx provide you with some handy tools to further enhance the online trading experience.

Choose your account type

I had no doubts when opening an account, I studied the reviews about the company, so I knew that the LimeFx broker was reliable. By opting for LimeFx, you are choosing a trading partner that is devoted to offering not just a platform but an enriching trading journey. Our relentless pursuit of excellence, combined with a wide asset range, state-of-the-art trading conditions, and a secure environment, ensures that you get the optimum environment to succeed and achieve your trading aspirations.

LimeFx also offer traders the MT4 MultiTerminal which is an MT4 feature that allows you to use several accounts at the same time with no need to re-login. This feature was designed specifically for traders who use several accounts, and for investment managers who manage multiple investment accounts. So far the best broker I’ve used to trade a usd account,fast response including fast withdrawal highly recommend. MetaTrader 5 incorporates superior trading functionalities and advanced tools, ensuring comprehensive price analysis, sophisticated algorithmic trading, and optimal copy trading experiences. This feature was designed specifically for traders who use several accounts, and for Investment managers who manage multiple Investment accounts.

I do run robots myself, but they are based on my own trading strategies that I have spent countless years on developing. A demo account can be used for a variety of reasons including practice trading, testing trading strategies, exploring platforms and offers, and more. LimeFx’ expansive legal structure, encompassing various international registrations and licenses, amplifies its reliability and stability in the financial world.

Otherwise, you could try an limefx official site account to see if they live up to your expectations. LimeFx primarily provides brokerage services in the CIS countries, Asia and Europe. They are focused on offering high-quality services and comprehensive support to their clients and partners. They have a professional team that is committed to finding the latest innovative trading solutions and incorporating new technologies.

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This company is widely known among Russian-speaking traders, its popularity is high. Plus, it offers good analytics of both global financial markets and Russian stock exchanges. Well, the fact that trading with LimeFx requires huge capital – capital is needed for a trader to properly assess risks when trading with a small leverage. LimeFx perpetually positions itself at the forefront of technological evolution, incorporating groundbreaking technologies to facilitate optimal trading conditions.

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